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4th September 2011
Prescott Hill Climb
After highly enjoyable but tiring competitions in Silverstone and Austria, the team had organized to proudly show ULM006 at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb, run by the Bugatti Owner's Club. The team camped for 2 days at Prescott and had a highly enjoyable time there. ULM were one of several formula student teams at Prescott and were invited to perform 2 laps of honour together. For the laps, ULM006 was driven by alumni Graham Cass (ULM005 team leader) and Howard Williams (ULM006 suspension design leader). After the laps of honour, the team settled on Prescott hill to bask in the sunlight (a treat compared to Silverstone!) and watch the wide ranging classes of cars compete against one another. It marked the perfect way to end the most successful year of ULM history. 

30th July 2011
FS Austria Competition
During the summer, the team were lucky enough to travel to Formula Student Austria for our first European competition and after 2500 miles of driving we arrived at the RedBull Ring in Spielburg very excited for the racing to come! It is well known that the quality of the European competitions is very high and ULM were eager to see how the car compared to the other teams offerings. Over the next two days, the team passed the scrutineering, the noise and the tilt tests successfully, but unfortunately a problem with the braking system lead to us not being able to compete in any other dynamic events. It was a great shame considering all the hard work put in by the team but vital lessons have been learnt for any future competitions. It was great to be a part of FS Austria and we look forward to attending the event sometime in the near future. 

27th October 2010
Test Day
Today was the first test day for the 2010/11 Formula student team. It was held at the Crowne Plaza in Speke and was a great success. The purpose of the day was to take the car out and show the new team members what is involved in running and testing the car. Also one of the main sponsors of the team (friends of the University of Liverpool) was invited out to see how their sponsorship money has been used and to show them how grateful we are for their support. The car ran beautifully and most of the drivers behaved themselves. Please see the media section for photos.

15th October 2010
New Chassis Design
The team are currently working very hard on the design of the new chassis for ULM006. The team are trying to reduce the weight of the chassis as well as lower the ride height. The most significant changes will be at the rear of the chassis with a new plate design being used to reduce the complexity at the back of the car. This will also mean that the engine will be more accessible and ease maintenance issues.

September 30th 2010
So a new academic year has begun and therefore a new team has formed to design The University of Liverpool Motorsport Society's 2011 formula student car, ULM006. This year the team consists of 23 full members and is being led by Jonathan Phillipson. The aim is to build on the success of last year by reducing the weight of the car by 10% and by entering every event at the Silverstone competition in July.

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