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14th May 2019
ULM014 Monocoque Curing at Teledyne.

Teledyne CML Composites have supported the team this season by providing composite processing services and vacuum bagging expertise for the curing of this season’s carbon fibre chassis. Their high quality autoclave facilities have helped to achieve a three-stage cure that constitutes of the two individual chassis halves and the joining to create a complete CFC monocoque. The team were given the opportunity to vacuum bag the chassis components at the Teledyne site prior to curing and this has been vital for enhancing composite materials knowledge from experts within the field to remain competitive. This season’s endeavour to have the lightest ULM chassis to date has been a success that will play an important role to improve ULM’s competitive edge in the events at the summer FSUK competition. The support received from Teledyne has been very much appreciated by the ULM team and the hard work will be seen at FSUK later this year.

29th March 2019
Precision with Cirrus Lasers

The team would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Cirrus Lasers for supporting us over the past few years. Cirrus Lasers produce from sheet metal a vast number of critical components from both aluminium and steel for the car such as the suspension brackets, steering brackets and electronics bracketry. The high quality of the products produced has been vital to the success of various subsystems being adapted to this season’s car – ULM14. We extend our appreciation to Cirrus Lasers for their continued efforts this year and look forward to receiving our new batch of complete components.

1st December 2018
Advanced manufacturing with Marbocote

Marbocote has continued their support of the ULM Team this season by providing consumables such as advanced mould release agent HP7, HP2002 sealant, along with Acetone and lint free cloths. The team are also trialling a new release agent, CEE-777, and the results have been impressive. The composite moulds are now complete and the team are ready for carbon fibre lay-up of a third generation composite monocoque. Thank you to Marbocote for supporting the manufacturing process!

21st November 2018
Cheers to Tygavac

Thank you to Tygavac for supplying the team with composite manufacturing consumables such as vacuum bagging, breather and peel ply. This is will be used in the curing process of the third generation carbon fibre monocoque and other carbon fibre components. This will ensure a high structural and surface finish of the chassis and other carbon fibre components on the car. With more components becoming carbon fibre composite this support is more vital than ever and will be paramount to the success this season.

21st November 2018
Massive thanks to Teledyne!

Teledyne CML Composites continues to support the team in the development of a third generation carbon fibre monocoque. Teledyne have provided the team with autoclaving facilities that are to be used in the curing process of the chassis. After the successful manufacture of last year’s car, we look forward to working with Teledyne once again in the production of ULM014. We’re proud of the progress the team has made in this area and would like to extend our thanks to all the team at Teledyne for their ongoing commitment.

9th November 2018
Tour of ULM

Earlier this week, the team had the privilege to give a tour of the school of engineering to a group of passionate engineering students from Mexico! The team also gave a quick overview of the team, history and operations to the attentive students and were thoroughly pleased that the students enjoyed the tour itself. Gracias, or thank you as they say in Spanish, the team would gladly welcome the students back anytime.

07th November 2018
Thank you RS Components!

RS Components has constantly sponsored the ULM team and have provided electrical components such as wiring, fasteners and fittings. This has enabled the delivery of the wiring loom which is crucial for the functionality of the car’s electronics. Thank you to RS Components for their continued support and making our design and manufacturing process much easier!

17th October 2018
Success with PTC

The team extend their appreciation to PTC whilst looking back at the success last year in winning the PTC Smart Car Award. Being the suppliers of the CAD software Creo Parametric, has proven time again to be an invaluable design software package that is utilised across the University of Liverpool, empowering the next generation of engineers. Having a capable software package has allowed the team to model solutions effectively, refining concepts both through simulation and real world prototyping in the development process. By utilising the software, members of the team are more readily prepared for industry with such tools that are adopted by leading companies in the field.

17th October 2018
Inspiring future engineers at the North Liverpool Academy

To inspire the next generation engineers and aspiring youths, several of the team’s ambassadors made a visit to the North Liverpool Academy to promote the importance of further education and more specifically engineering in this era of rapid world development. We took great pleasure in engaging with the students, teachers and staff at the North Liverpool Academy and would gladly be back soon!

10th October 2018
Welcome 3rd Years!

The team would like to take this opportunity to welcome 15 bright & motivated 3rd year students to the ULM team. Part of the onboarding the process, the students have been given a short induction to various aspect of team such as introduction to operations and tours of the team’s workspace. This was then followed by a social at the engineering foyer where the team got to know the 3rd years better. This year will definitely be an exciting one and the ULM team look forward to achieve more success this season!

2nd September 2018
Prescott Hill Climb

Thanks to the invitation from Bugatti Trust, we’ve returned this year to the famous Prescott Hill Climb to finish off the 2017/18 season. We’ve managed to showcase ULM013 to fellow attendees, motorsport enthusiasts as well as member of alumni who were there to show their support. Big thanks to everyone involved in making the event a success. It has been nothing short of amazing and we hope to return next year!

1st September 2018
The ULM014 Team

After a successful 2017 competition the team is now getting ready for the new season. This year will see some exciting developments!

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