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13th December 2017
John Eldridge

Today the team enjoyed an exclusive presentation from John Eldridge, Principal Engineer at Cammell Laird. John spoke about his experiences throughout his career and gave the team an update on the construction of the research vessel RSS Sir David Attenborough.

28th November 2017

Thank you to Hylomar for their support, providing a wide variety of adhesive samples to the team.

22nd November 2017
Cosworth Steering Wheel

Our brand new Cosworth steering wheel is on its way to being fully integrated. Providing vital on screen vehicle sensor reading and various functions at the driver’s fingertips. A huge thank you goes out to IMechE, who made this purchase possible. The CAN based steering wheel is constructed out of aerospace grade aluminium with ergonomic moulded rubber grips.

11th November 2017
Trelleborg Tooling Block

A warm welcome from the folks at Trelleborg who have very kindly supplied the team with the crucial pieces of tooling block needed to machine and manufacture our new and improved aero package for ULM013. Trelleborg have supported the University of Liverpool Motorsport for several years now and we extend our deepest gratitude towards them for providing the opportunity to enrich our education by utilising advanced manufacturing processes at the forefront of industry.

10th November 2017

As the years go on our car becomes more and more advanced integrating high grade materials to manufacture carbon fibre composite sub-systems such as the monocoque, aero package, suspension and air intake. Sigmatex, the world’s leading independent carbon fibre fabric manufacturer has graciously donated material to the team for many years now and we use their high quality products in most of our composites. Below you can see the base chassis composite mould with an easy composites resin system that is stable at high temperatures using 2X2 Twill carbon fibre reinforcement.

2nd November 2017
Monocoque Chassis Build

Our chassis mould build is now on its way with the first attempt at the male plug now completed. The team were graciously donated fibreglass from one of our long running and vital sponsors Tygavac who have always helped us out with any and all consumables when it comes to composites manufacturing. The creation of our new chassis moulds will enable the team to make improvements to the manufacture of the monocoque making it lighter, stiffer & easier. We are using ULM012s high density epoxy tolling board moulds that were blocked up and machined at Base Group, another one of our vital sponsors that the team love to visit every year!

18th October 2017

Four members of the team visited Safran and gained lots of useful knowledge and information about composites and the lay up process. Thank you to Safran for the opportunity and all the help they gave us!

18th October 2017
Tygavac Advanced Materials

Thank you to Tygavac Advanced Materials for their continuous support with a range of Composite Consumables, feels like Christmas already!

14th October 2017
National Instruments

National Instruments have continued their support to the University of Liverpool Motorsport Team this year. After previously supplying the hardware and software needed to get the team’s rolling road up and running, their engineer’s support will be invaluable in making this happen. This will be carried out with the use of CompactDAQ equipment and relevant modules required for specific measurement. After the successful completion of this project, the team will be able to carry out accurate dynamic tests prior to competition to effectively improve the overall performance of the car.

30th September 2017
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

In the last academic year the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) sponsored the team for the second year running. Today the outcomes of that sponsorship were presented in person to the Formula Student Board at their headquarters in London. Many thanks go to the IMECHE for really making a differnece to the team!

20th September 2017
Composites UK

Today the team were fortunate enough to be able to present a stand at the Composites UK conference. It was a really great networking event for the team and in addition to meeting up with our regular sponsors there was also an opportunity to secure a few more! Very many thanks to Composites Uk!

1st September 2017
The ULM013 Team

A new academic year and a new initiative begins. Last year was a substantial change for the team moving from a steel space frame chassis to a carbon fibre compososite monocoque. This year will see a consolidation of that strategy.

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